Check Out INSTANT FX This Weekend at Fan Expo

For the last month and a bit, Synn Studios has been taking a service call INSTANT FX on a test run at conventions across North America: From Polaris in Toronto, ON to GenCon in Indianapolis, IN, to Wizard World in Chicago, IL.

What is INSTANT FX? Just as it sounds. The visual effects team of MIND'S EYE will film you in a 10 second clip, then add the visual effect of your choice and deliver it to you on a USB key in about 30-40 minutes on average. In the time it takes to order a pizza and have it delivered to you, INSTANT FX can give you a video clip of you throwing a fireball, brandishing a lightsaber or getting teleported away a la STAR TREK.

Check out the demo reel here:

INSTANT FX also does photography. You can have your picture taken against the green screen background and have the background of your choice added (and potentially a simple effect like fire or an energy ball as well). You can check out a slideshow of stills below:

This weekend INSTANT FX will be back in Toronto at The National Fan Expo. So if you're planning on attending, make sure to visit the Synn Studios booth, where you'll also be able to learn more about the upcoming season of MIND'S EYE and meet and greet with series' stars.