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Cinematography & Editing...

Nick Montgomery ~ Cinematographer & Steadicam Operator

Nick is an accomplished filmmaker and supporter of film in Guelph. He served for two years on the Board of Directors for Ed Video Media Arts Centre and was instrumental in the launch of the SharpCuts Indie Film and Music Festival, where he continues to serve on the Board. When not working on his own films like the 2007 haunted house horror SUMMONED, or his recent modern western SHADES OF GREY, Nick lends his service and expertise as a cinematographer, camera and steady cam operator and film editor to other productions. He also acted as co-producer of the Synn Studios’ feature comedy FOUR ACES.


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Spencer Osborne ~ Cinematographer & Editor

Spencer is one of Synn Studios’ co-founders and has stayed with the company since the very beginning. Spencer started his interested in film during his high school years when he began shooting his own films with a camcorder. When he graduated, he went on to learn the basics of filmmaking from a graduate of the the world-renowned New York Film Academy. Later, as Spencer trained to be a firefighter, he never lost that love of film and he continued to build his skills as both a cinematographer and as a film editor. After helping to establish Synn Studios in 2007, Spencer further expanded the Synn brand as co-creator of the music label Synn Records. Then in 2008, Spencer created Ozzy Entertainment, which was designed to help connect bands to Synn Studios services like photography, videography, web design and music production. Spencer has made numerous short films and documentaries and has also produced numerous promotional videos for companies and bands.


p. 519 841 8932

Jim McIsaac ~ Behind the Scenes Production & Editing

Jim has been associated with art in one form or another for as long as he can remember as a drawer, a photographer and a filmmaker. Before joining Synn Studios, Jim wrote and directed his own short film called THE LAST WEEK OF SUMMER and now he manages his own production company called James McIsaac Productions. As one of the newest member of Synn Studios, Jim has lent his talents as a still photographer for Synn events and movie shoots as well as acting as videographer and editor for Behind the Scenes features for Synn productions. He also has a head for math, bringing a secondary talent from his previous job as an estimator, which comes in handy for budgeting. Currently, Jim is writing a new script for another short film, this one about two kid brothers.


p. 519 240 3885