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Development Services

Synn Studios offer a number of services to help you develop your feature script, teleplay, radioplay or webseries into a viable, workable piece that can maxamize the potential of the story you want to tell.

Script Doctoring

Script Polish

A Synn Studios Editor will review your script for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. Giving your final product a professional polish.

Short (1-20 pages)
Feature (21+ pages)

Basic Doctoring

Script will be read and analyzed. Feedback on Story, Style, Atmosphere, Character, and Format. Impressions and suggestions for improvement will be made (up to 3 pages of notes and One Hour Development meeting).

Short (1-20 pages) - $150.00
Feature (21+ pages) - $250.00

Enhanced Doctoring

Script will be comprehensively analysed and broken down. Full notes in script will be provided as well as a detailed list of impressions and suggestions for improvement. A development meeting is also included (up to 4 hours).

Short (1-20 pages) - $250.00
Feature (20+ pages) - $475.00

Table Reading

A script read though at Synn Studios lead by a Synn Studios writer. Impressions and suggestions provided after read though completion. (Actors provided if desired).

Short (1-20 pages) - Starting From $150.00
Feature (21+ pages) - Starting from $300.00

***Table Reading Recorded in HD Video and provided in DVD or Digital Format starting at an additional $150.00.
***Table Reading Audio Recoding provided in Digital Format starting at $75.00.

Concept Development

Script Development

Work with the Synn Studios writing team to develop the outline for a feature length or short film script.

Series Development

Work through the various aspects of creating everything you will need to start writing a serialized set of scripts.

Complementary Material Development

Already have a script, short, or feature complete? Work with our team to create everything from short stories to website content to comic books to help open up new avenues for your creation.

Pricing on a per-project basis
Pre-Conceptualization (Audio, Video, Effects, and Colour Grading)

Unsure of how to translate your script from the page to the screen? Meet with a Synn Studios production crew (or specialist of your choice) for a technical consultation regarding your script.

Pricing on a per-project basis

Script Writing

Have one of the Synn Studios writers work with you to bring your idea to life.

From Concept

Working from outline to script writing to polish. All aspects of the writing process are covered.

From Outline

Already have a script outlined? The Synn team can take care of the rest.

Script Re-Writing

Almost there but need a new perspective? Allow a Synn writer a chance to work with what you've already put to page.

Pricing on a per-project basis

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