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Foley, Score, Music Engineering & Album Production...

Aaron Soch ~ Sound Designer & Music Producer

With a background in musical theory and composition, Aaron Soch joined Synn Studios team in 2007 with the intention to make the transition from recording his own music in a home studio to remaking himself as a professional music producer. Aaron found new opportunities working with Synn Studios and also found greater freedom to flex his creative muscles with new avenues in composition for film and television being opened up to him. Though by day, he’s a humble employee of Much Music, in his off-time Aaron, or Soch to his friends, specializes in urban, dance and experimental music, and is currently working with various Canadian bands and artists to create music that will appeal to the masses.


p. 519 241 8183

Joshua Doerksen ~ Song Writer & Music Producer

Before joining Synn Studios, Josh was already an accomplished young musician in his own right. He’s currently working on his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph as an Honours Music Major with a focus in Classical Voice. As a member of Synn Studios, Josh has already been active in contributing to several Synn projects including contributing music and doing audio for the feature length comedy FOUR ACES. He’s since expanded into other areas of filmmaking as well, directing a volunteer video for the Guelph-Wellington Volunteer Centre and appearing as a character in the webseries DEEP FIVE-H-ONE-T. Josh also coaches emerging artists on song-writing and composition, and has currently released his first album "Try your Love".


p. 519 221 5674