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Lights, Camera & Action!

Writing your script is the easy part, finding a team that can professionally bring your film to life is the hard part. Working with the Synn Studios team makes that significantly less harder. Our accomplished and creative staff can give you the expertise to turn your script pages into a motion picture. What can we do for you?

Cinematography - Obviously essential. Our cinematographers and camera operators are able to use a variety of different cameras and rigs. Whether its an establishing shot using a tripod, or a "walk and talk" using a glide cam rig, our team can capture the shot no matter the angle, and no matter the obstacle.

Visual Effects - This doesn't mean just adding spaceships or creating alien landscapes. Visual effects work can simply be the removal of trademark images from the scene, or adding a forgotten detail to make a shot complete.

Colour GradingĀ  - Natural light and colour not good enough. Synn technicians can use techniques to give your film a clear and consistent tone.

Editing - Obviously, you shoot a film, you need to edit. Synn Editors have experience using a variety of editing software.

DVD Authoring and Replication - The final step. Once your movie is shot and edited, you'll need to distribute it. We can create your DVD, including all the extras, and have it replication ready for you to get copies made and watch the money start rolling in.

From professional filmmaking services, Synn Studios Inc. can make your video or film distribution ready.