Mind’s Eye Named one of 2010’s Best Webseries

SciFiPulse.net has come out with its list of the Top 10 Webseries of 2010, and Synn Studios’ co-production of MIND’S EYE came in at #9. Of the fantasy/adventure series, SciFiPulse’s Marx Pyle said:

“This fun and original idea is also family-friendly. They did what everyone suggests you never do by working with kids, doing visual effects and having fight choreography. They’re just missing animal wrangling.

“This Canadian fantasy web series premiered on Friday November 26th and is a well produced fantasy story with young talented actors and a transmedia approach with a planned pen & paper RPG and short stories posted online.”

MIND’S EYE joins such distiguished company as THE GUILD, RIESE and BITE ME on the site’s list of the year’s best web-based series. The cast and crew of MIND’S EYE are very appreciative of the endorsement, and you think you know where the series is going, don’t be so sure. On the MIND’S EYE site now check out the sixth episode “It’s Time” and to show your support for the series by buying some cool MIND’S EYE merch. Check out the episode 6 teaser below: