Waking abruptly in the dead of winter, Mr. X searched for his identity in world unknown to him or the eccentric personalities he meets. With strange Curiosity, a little Patience, a touch of Wrath and a hand from Selflessness, Mr. X finds his identity in a world that is all but black and white.

Film Credits

Writer, Director, and Executive Producer
Greg Kovacs

Brad McMillan and Thomas M. Gofton

Assistant Director
Brad McMillan

Production Designer
Grayden Laing

Directors of Photography
Nick Montgomery and Mike Cameron

FX and make up
Grayden Laing and Annika Simanson

Mr. Soch

John Rockefeller and Martin Uus

Thomas M. Gofton


Truth – Thomas M. Gofton
Curiosity – Martin Uus
Patience – Laura Neilsen
Wrath – Brad McMillan
Selflessness/Deceit – Aaron Soch


Camera Operator 1
Nick Montgomery

Camera Operator 2
Mike Cameron

Boom Operators
John Rockefeller and Martin Uus

Martin Uus and Mike Cameron

Assistant Editor
Spencer Osborne

Make up
Grayden Laing and Annika Simanson

Craft Table
Annika Simanson

Tammy McKinnon

Production Assistant
Annika Simanson and Darren Hutchings

Post Sound Production
Synn Studios

Transportation Captain
Brad McMillan

Set Design
Dave McLeod

Cheryl McKay, Lynnvander Productions, Spirit Guide Productions, and Mr. Soch

Graphics Designer
Thomas M. Gofton

The Awesome Helper
Evan Court

Special Thanks
The Hunters for not shooting us
The helicopter helping with sound
Nicole Woods at Timmies for making us bagel
Laura for soaking up some fun
All equipment provided by Lynnvander Productions and Synn Studios.