Synn Studios Participates In Spotlight Festival

Synn Studios is pleased to be announce their participation in this year’s Spotlight Festival, an annual celebration of the arts in the Guelph and Tri-City area.

Synn Studios will be hosting an event called “Ask on Set” on Saturday June 6th as part of the festival. “Ask on Set” will allow Festival goers to see, first-hand, the filmmaking process, and ask questions of the professionals involved as they hone their craft.

Visitors to Synn Studios at 121 Wyndham Street, Suite #108, will be able to see the making of the highly anticipated Synn Studios short film Shades of Grey written and directed by Synn Studios co-founder and technical director Nick Montgomery.

Shades of Grey is a modern western in the style of John Woo and Joe Carnahan. The set will be built on the Studio’s green screen stage by Synn set designer Vince Mosckowec. Other members of Synn Studios will also be participating in the shoot lending their expertise in numerous areas from sound design to set photography to cinematography.

“This is very exciting for me because I’ve been working on this script for two years now,” says Montgomery. “It’s also exciting to bring people interested in filmmaking, as well as professionals at various levels of expertise, into our studio to see how our process works.”

Spotlight is a weekend festival of free arts events including behind the scenes tours, workshops, art talks and activities to celebrate the artists who live in our communities. This year’s Festival will take place over the weekend of June 5th-7th.

For more information on the Spotlight Festival visit their website.