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Load up YouTube and tune to the SynnStudiosCanada YouTube Channel for great videos by Synn Studios. Videos are updated every week and include music videos, interviews, short films, trailers, behind the scenes featurettes, and webisodes. Subscribe to our channel and start watching!

In addition to our Synn Studios channel on YouTube, we also have our own video portal where you can find even more videos by Synn Studios.

Jam Space Available Now!

Do you have a band in need of some high-quality jam space? Look no further!

Synn Studios is accepting jam space applications for bands in our new Guelph multi-purpose room! Our facility is conveniently located and accessible from Guelph’s downtown core, with plenty of space and privacy for your needs.

Synn Studios and our record label Synn Records are located directly upstairs and have professional audio-video facilities and equipment; green screen capabilities, high-resolution camera equipment as well as a fully-functional sound booth and recording area.

Synn Studios is the premier independent film and music production centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and is open to your business needs.

If you would like to book jam space, or would like to inquire about any of our other features, please give Thomas a call at 519-362-5756, or email him at

Synn Studios Inc. New Website has Launched!


As part of the branding initiative of Synn Studios Inc., the new Synn Studios Inc. website is transitioning into a newer, viewer-friendly website utilizing amazing graphics and animation! Big thanks to Seth, Amanda, and Rocky for all of your hard work!

Look for new updates regularly, and let us know what you think!

Ill Scarlett EPK
Kick-ass rock band from Mississauga rocking out. Electronic press kit 2007.


Row definition: An angry dispute between two people. When truth and malice meet one on one, only one can remain. At the frozen dawn of nothing but an ordinary day, in an ordinary set of woods, two individuals have anything but an ordinary encounter.

Mind’s Eye

Updated Mind’s Eye Information coming soon! For now, take a look at the Mind’s Eye movie site at



Waking abruptly in the dead of winter, Mr. X searched for his identity in world unknown to him or the eccentric personalities he meets. With strange Curiosity, a little Patience, a touch of Wrath and a hand from Selflessness, Mr. X finds his identity in a world that is all but black and white.

Film Credits

Writer, Director, and Executive Producer
Greg Kovacs

Brad McMillan and Thomas M. Gofton

Assistant Director
Brad McMillan

Production Designer
Grayden Laing

Directors of Photography
Nick Montgomery and Mike Cameron

FX and make up
Grayden Laing and Annika Simanson

Mr. Soch

John Rockefeller and Martin Uus

Thomas M. Gofton


Truth – Thomas M. Gofton
Curiosity – Martin Uus
Patience – Laura Neilsen
Wrath – Brad McMillan
Selflessness/Deceit – Aaron Soch


Camera Operator 1
Nick Montgomery

Camera Operator 2
Mike Cameron

Boom Operators
John Rockefeller and Martin Uus

Martin Uus and Mike Cameron

Assistant Editor
Spencer Osborne

Make up
Grayden Laing and Annika Simanson

Craft Table
Annika Simanson

Tammy McKinnon

Production Assistant
Annika Simanson and Darren Hutchings

Post Sound Production
Synn Studios

Transportation Captain
Brad McMillan

Set Design
Dave McLeod

Cheryl McKay, Lynnvander Productions, Spirit Guide Productions, and Mr. Soch

Graphics Designer
Thomas M. Gofton

The Awesome Helper
Evan Court

Special Thanks
The Hunters for not shooting us
The helicopter helping with sound
Nicole Woods at Timmies for making us bagel
Laura for soaking up some fun
All equipment provided by Lynnvander Productions and Synn Studios.

Synnema – Synn Studios Cinema Launched

The Synnema content and video portal site has officially been launched! If you’re interested to see Synn Studios Inc. trailers, teasers, behind the scenes looks, comedic videos, and all the other content we’ve been creating, come check out the Synn Studios Cinema: Synnema.

Expansion – The Synn Team is Growing in Size and Location

Synn Studios is proud to present it’s newest addition to the team. Not just a new member or three but a new and killer expansion. We are currently in phase 1 of development of what we call “The Synnema Live” project. This is a new site that will be a small venue for media screenings, live acoustic music performances, comedy improv nights and much much more! Stay tuned for updates on “The Synnema Live” project.