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In Winter 2007, a group of media artists and filmmakers came together to discuss the possibility of combining their efforts under a single banner that would allow them to work toward a common goal: success and sustainability while plying their craft. The result of these discussions was the creation of Synn Studios, a company at the forefront of a new wave and helping to make Guelph, ON a leader in independent filmmaking.

The first class of the Studio included co-founders Spencer Osborne, Nick Montgomery and Thomas Gofton. In the beginning, they used the more formal “Syndicate Studios,” but the shortened form “Synn Studios” soon became the recognized name of the project. The following spring, Gofton, Osborne and Montgomery, with the three other founders, collaborated on a short film with BC-native Ryan Galletta. The film was called A NUMBER’S GAME, and the experience gave The Synn crew a good idea of their capabilities as a team.

By the Fall of ’07, the Synn team was already starting to grow and the decision was made to put down formal roots by leasing an office space in downtown Guelph. Quietly building a following, the Synn pursued new projects and small films and was soon attracting interest from people outside the cinematic arts. Within a couple of months of opening the Studio, The Synn added technical support and audio to its arsenal of talents.

As the calendar changed to 2008, some of the original members of the Studio took their leave to pursue other endeavours, while new members were coming onboard to present new opportunities. NAMELESS was one project to come out of this transition period, while at the same time the Studio began toying with the idea of doing a feature film.

Meanwhile, new members coming into the Synn brought expertise in areas such as graphic design, comedy writing and photography. The short films THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT DAMIEN and JACINDA were added to the production slate for Spring and Fall 2008 respectively. The Summer of ’08 however would be the time for FOUR ACES, a feature length comedy about four best buds who fall for the same girl.

In the Fall of 2008 the team was growing again. New equipment investments were making the talents of The Synn in demand with clients as diverse as Anchor Bay Canada, Ill Scarlett and the University of Guelph. At the same time, the members of the Studio voted on an expansion that would see The Synn procure a new multi-purpose space called The Synnema. Renovation of The Synnema space was completed by October and it served primarily as a screening room and jam space rented to local bands.


Personnel wise, The Synn had come to include more artists who brought experience in visual effects and green screening as well as web design and branding. Additionally previously existing companies joined the Synn as partners recognizing the sound logic in the Studio’s approach to success through collaboration. The audio department was augmented with the addition of several new members bringing experience in audio engineering, musical composition and song-writing.

In 2009, The Synn’s success truly seemed limitless. The members diligently worked towards incorporation as post-production on FOUR ACES was completed for its highly successful March premiere at Galaxy Cinemas Guelph. As the Synn structure was formalized with impending incorporation, new members sensing the positive vibe and opportunity with the Synn continued to come onboard.

One of the most significant new additions at this time was a full-fledged 3-D Animation Department formed by three graduates of Sheridan College’s animation program. Their first project was the completion of visual effects for the sci-fi spoof webseries DEEP 5.H.1.T. The second addition was a Production Department with expertise in prop building and set construction. Their first project was also DEEP 5.H.1.T. as they built a full-fledged spaceship in the Studio’s soundstage. These two new departments made the capacities of augmented the Studios already considerable capabilities, and they helped to spawn another physical expansion of the Studio into newly acquired spaces in the Summer of 2009.

With several ongoing projects covering numerous areas of the media arts, 2009 is poised to be Synn Studios’ biggest year yet. With the capabilities our facilities allow us, the creativity of our members and the stability of incorporation, The Synn has a big, bright future ahead of it.