The Kids Are Alright

Today, members of the young cast of MIND'S EYE dropped by Synn Studios HQ to record their interview segments for the behind the scenes documentary of the upcoming DVD release for the second half of season one, and there's one thing we could all agree on: what a difference a year makes. It was almost a year ago that these six young people - Nathan Fryer, Aidan Harris, Nik MacMillan, Andrew Ellis, Lily O'Coin and Jodre Datu - first auditioned and sat at a table read for this thing we were working on called "Mind's Eye." So when we had them all in one place again, with their haircuts and their growth spurts and their general growing-up-ness, we knew we had to capture the moment...:

The 21st episode of MIND'S EYE airs this Friday on an intertube near you. And visit the MIND'S EYE website to learn how you can see the epic season finale, along with the entire first season, on the big screen at Galaxy Cinemas Guelph.