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The Heart of the Synn...

The Main Studio

Enter Synn Studio's main space in Suite #108 and you're welcomed into a multi-functional space that's meeting room, office area, and showroom all in one. As you walk through, check out our "Wall of Fame" featuring framed posters from a variety of Synn narrative productions like "Mind's Eye The Series", "Shades of Grey" and Four Aces.

The Audio Department

In Room #103 you will find the Synn's "Soul Space." Also known as the Audio Department. In this diverse space, the Synn Studios audio team will mix and foley film projects; record ADR; record, mix, and produce albums; record podcasts; and host bands looking for a place to jam. From this space, all the audio needs for all Synn Studios projects are handled, plus it has a laid back atmosphere that fosters creativity.

The Synnema

The Synnema has become a well-known and respected live perfromance venue amongst those in the know in Guelph. Along with musical performances, spoken word and film screenings, The Synnema has doubled as a film set and served as a venur for social functions. Nominated as one of the best live event venues in Guelph by the Guelph Mercury in 2010.

Our Sound Stage

Although not as cavernous as the sound stages of major Hollywood studios, The Synn has its own multifaceted studio space complete with green screen capability. Versatile, the designated "green screen room" is capable of being used for a number of backgrounds and functionalities, both as a film studio and a photo studio.