The Synn is all over Local Focus 4

Next month, the Multicultural Cinema Club of Kitchener is once again holding its Local Focus film festival, and Synn Studios, once again, is well represented

Monday, April 18th - 7:30 pm

Juiced (2010) Director: Tom Roper-Brown

Serra (2010) Director: James Golden

Tuesday, April 19th - 7 pm

Zap Zap by the Ascot Royals (2010) Director: Spencer Osborne & Nick Montgomery

To the Wire (2010) Directors: Tom Roper-Brown and James Golden

Wednesday, April 20th - 7 pm

Catch (2010) Director: Lenette Olivier

Entourage Indie (2010) Director: Thomas M. Gofton

Friday, April 22nd - 7 pm

Channel Spieling (2010) Director: Tom Roper-Brown & Pat Corocan

For the full schedule and list of films for Local Focus 4, please visit their website.