UNDERTONES Begins Production

Wednesday night, the cast and crew of the new Synn Studios-produced short film UNDERTONES, a horror film in the mould of Paranormal Activity or 1408 came together for the first production meeting. The short will shoot over four days next month under the direction of Synn-veteran James Golden (VENGEANCE, the upcoming ALONE) from a script by Steven Lang.

UNDERTONES stars Nick Smyth as Richard, a man haunted by his past and his new apartment. It's a psychological drama in the Hitchcockian vein, co-starring Danika Czubak (MIND'S EYE), David Phillips, Brittney Johnston, Stephanie Matys, Nicole McCafferty, Carter Reid and Brent Brody.

Stay tuned to the Synn Studios blog for news and updates about this exciting new project.